Down with VTech!!!

On a personal note today, I encourage anyone reading this to avoid products by the company VTech, at all costs (and believe me, it’ll cost you if you don’t!). The web is littered with stories similar to mine, and I only wish I’d seen them before I bought a rather expensive phone system from them. We got ours about a year-and-a-half ago, based on a great review in Consumer Reports. Of course, the one-year warranty is up, and now the buttons on all our extensions are sticking, to the point where you can’t dial (it’s worst on the number 2, which is consistently stuck on all our extension phones), and you have to nearly break the bones in your finger just to hang the thing up after a call. It appears this is a design flaw in many of their phone styles, based on the disgruntled responses I’ve seen posted on various websites. Everybody’s phone buttons are sticking.

VTech’s support line is fully automated, with no way to speak to an actual human about it. Their web support is a few pat answers on a FAQ page, including a dumb one telling us to use alcohol on the buttons if they stick (of course, it doesn’t work).

So basically what I’m saying is, VTech blows. Don’t do business with them.