This man, this author


A nice honor came my way a couple of weeks ago, when Marvel Comics asked me to write an essay for the upcoming second Fantastic Four Omnibus collection. I get the plum job of penning my thoughts on FF #51’s story “This Man, This Monster”, one of my (and apparently everyone else’s) favorite Lee/Kirby stories. It’s really nice to know that, after 13 years of cranking out the Jack Kirby Collector, people haven’t forgotten our efforts.
Yeah, it’s “work for hire”, so I’m basically signing away my life to the House That Jack Built, but it’s a great opportunity to (hopefully) point out to new readers some of the subtleties that both Stan and Jack added to that remarkable story. I believe it ships this summer, so look for it (not for my meager contribution, but for the great FF stories contained therein).

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