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Alter Ego

Puny humans! It is I, ULTRON! As you flock to your local cineplex to see me enslave humanity, I command you to read this 2015 Eisner Award-nominated publication!

Alter Ego, the greatest 'zine of the '60s, is all-new, focusing on Golden and Silver Age comics and creators with articles, interviews and unseen art. Each issue includes an FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section, Mr. Monster & more!

And now through MAY 15 MAY 18, you can spend your final moments in existence reading Alter Ego at 50% Off! After that day, it all comes to an end, and the machines shall rule! (And the sale shall end!) But beware: This sale is for PRINT editions only that are purchased online, and does NOT include digital editions, subscriptions, or new and upcoming items (as if you had a future, which you don't). You have been warned!!

Edited by my creator Roy Thomas


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