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Collected Jack Kirby Collector - Volume 7 -

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288 page Trade Paperback - Edited by John Morrow

This seventh trade paperback completes the compilations of the first thirty regular-size issues of The Jack Kirby Collector, the critically acclaimed magazine about Kirby’s life and career. This volume reprints Jack Kirby Collector #27-30, with in-depth looks at Jack’s 1970s Marvel Comics work, and his ’80s work in comics and animation, plus a special two-part focus on how widespread Kirby’s influence is! It features rare interviews with Kirby himself, plus new interviews with Watchmen’s ALAN MOORE and DAVE GIBBONS, NEIL GAIMAN, Bone’s JEFF SMITH, MARK “Luke Skywalker” HAMILL, and others! See page after page of rare Kirby art, including a NEW special section with over 30 pieces of Kirby art never before published, and more! Edited by John Morrow.

ISBN-13: 978-1-605490-12-0
ISBN-10: 1-605490-12-1

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by Tony Isabella

Installment #713 for Comics Buyer's Guide #1655
April 13, 2009

Nearly 300 pages of love for Jack Kirby is what you get in The Collected Jack Kirby Collection Vol. 7 [TwoMorrows; $29.95]. This trade paperback completes the compilations of the first 30 regular-size issues of The Jack Kirby Collector, reprinting issues #27-30 and adding over 20 pages of new Kirby art (sketches and a variety of uninked pencilled pages) to the mix. It’s a great book to enjoy over several weeks because there’s just so much great stuff to be found between its covers. Among my favorites:

A virtual Jack Kirby panel in which two dozen comics writers and artists participate;

Kirby talking about his World War II experiences;

interviews with Kirby family members;

Jack and Roz Kirby discussing their life together;

a Kirby animation portfolio; and much more.

The Collected Jack Kirby Collection Vol. 7 has art, history, and commentary from several dozen fans and professionals.  It’s a fitting tribute to one of the few comics creators who deserves to have thousands of pages written about him and, as such, it easily earns the full five Tonys.


May 1, 2009

Interest in comics artist Kirby has on the upswing, with new collections reprinting his work appearing nearly every month. The Jack Kirby Collector has been documenting his career for 15 years. Two of the four out-of-print issues of the labor-of-love zine collected here are devoted largely to comics creators from subsequent generations—ranging from mainstream mainstays like Alex Ross and Neil Gaiman to such iconoclasts as Jeff Smith (Bone) and John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy)—discussing Kirby’s inescapable influence on their work. The other issues focus on Kirby’s later career, one assessing his work for Marvel in the 1970s, when he returned to the company after a frustrating stint at rival DC Comics, and the last about his 1980s swan-song years, when for various small publishers he created a slew of superheroes, none of which made an impact, and then turned to animation when comics work dried up. As the 50-plus issues of the zine demonstrate, Kirby’s prolific five decades in comics provide inexhaustible fodder for fans’ rumination and pontification.
— Gordon Flagg

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