Comics 101

Our webmeister supreme, Rand Hoppe, just added our Free Comic Book Day contribution for this year to our webstore. It’s called COMICS 101, and it’s a primer on comics creation and history by our erstwhile TwoMorrows magazine editors. Below is the official description, and the cover art (by Bret Blevins and Mike Manley). All our editors have knocked themselves out to make this a fabulous book, so go to your local comics shop on May 5 and demand a copy (or better yet, go before that, and tell your retailer you’ll want one, so they’ll be sure to order plenty). Depending on the number of copies retailers order, we may (or may not) print some extras for handing out at conventions and sending by mail (for a nominal postage charge). I’m working on the layout now, and it’s something that I would sure want a copy of!

For FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (Saturday, 5 May 2007), TwoMorrows Publishing proudly presents COMICS 101: How-To & History Lessons From The Pros! As the industry authority on comics history and creation, TwoMorrows has tapped the combined knowledge of its editors to assemble an all-new, all-ages 32-page comics primer, created just for this giveaway! You’ll learn: “Figure Drawing” and “How To Break Down A Story” from DRAW! magazine’s MIKE MANLEY and BRET BLEVINS (both key artists for DC and Marvel Comics)! “Writing Tips” from WRITE NOW! magazine’s DANNY FINGEROTH (who’s also a Marvel Comics writer)! Plus ROUGH STUFF magazine editor (and veteran comics inker) BOB McLEOD provides “Art Critiques” of promising newcomers (see how your work compares)! There’s even a “Comics History Crash-Course”, assembled by ALTER EGO magazine editor ROY THOMAS (former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief and top writer) and MICHAEL EURY, editor of BACK ISSUE magazine (and former DC and Dark Horse Comics editor). These top professionals will cover the basics of comics art and appreciation, making it a must-have item for fans old and new! But you can’t buy it; it’s only available FREE from your local retailer on Saturday, 5 May 2007! Don’t miss it!