New cover art for Marvel Comics In The 1960s

Marvel Cover
At the request of Marvel Comics, we’ve revised the cover art for our new book Marvel Comics In The 1960s by Pierre Comtois (new art is shown here). While I hate to lose the awesome original cover by Mike Manley and Tom Palmer, don’t worry; there wasn’t any kind of terrible confrontational situation with Marvel over the book. They simply felt it looked too much like a licensed Marvel product with the original piece, rather than the scholarly historical work that it is, and asked us to change it. Marvel was really great about the whole thing, and didn’t require a single change to the interior of the book, so other than the cover, it’s exactly as we envisioned it all along.

The book ships (barring any snags on press) on August 28, so should be in stores the first Wednesday in September; a few weeks late because of the extra approval time (and the delay from our being closed for Comic-Con and vacation the last couple of weeks), but the release is just around the bend.

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