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Now with 16 Extra Pages! This 1970s sequel volume covers Marvel’s final historical “twilight” phase, as Stan Lee went from writer to publisher, Jack Kirby left (and later returned), Roy Thomas rose as writer and editor, and a new wave of writers and artists expanded the boundaries of comics beyond super-heroes, while planting the seeds for the company’s eventual self-destruction. Covers the Spider-Man “drug” issues, Conan the Barbarian, Tomb of Dracula, Master of Kung Fu, Howard the Duck, the new X-Men, and more, plus creators Chris Claremont, Barry Windsor-Smith, Gene Colan, Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, John Romita, Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, and others! Written by Pierre Comtois.

A warehouse fire destroyed part of the original edition’s print run, causing it to sell out quickly. If you got Marvel Comics in the 1960s, and Marvel Comics in the 1980s, don’t miss this chance to complete your collection!

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240-page Trade Paperback
$29.95 cover price
Digital Edition: $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-60549-103-5