Comic Book Artist Edited by Jon B. Cooke Comic Book Artist, Eisner Award winner for "Best Comics-Related Magazine", celebrates the lives and works of great cartoonists, writers and editors from all eras through in-depth interviews, feature articles, and unpublished art.

When the artist was hospitalized for a spell, Gray Morrow humored himself by drawing full-body portraits of his favorite adventure characters, rendered in full-color. The innumerable pictures were framed and remain lined on his studio walls to this day. His wife Pocho sent us this provocative image of the Golden Age heroine, The Black Cat.

Art ©2002 the Morrow Estate. Character ©2002 Lorne-Harvey Productions.

Gray Morrow, George Roussos & George Evans Gallery

From Comic Book Artist #17

Today, many a Marvel fan might not only recognize the name of George Roussos to be an unparalleled colorist from the '70s to the '90s, but perhaps most noticeably as inker for the cover of The Avengers #4, penciled by Jack Kirby, featuring the unforgettable return of Captain America.

Courtesy of John Morrow. ©2001 Marvel Characters, Inc.

One of the most chilling climaxes in EC horror history was the denouement of the George Evans-drawn "Blind Alleys," from the last issue of Tales from the Crypt (#46, Feb. 1955). The story was so impressive that it was adapted for the 1972 movie (which boasted the same title as the original comics anthology).

©2002 William M. Gaines, Agent.

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