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Alter Ego 53 -



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October 2005 - 100 pages

ALTER EGO #53 is our HELLZAPOPPIN’ HALLOWEEN ISSUE— plus MIKE (“MR. MYSTERY”) ESPOSITO, PART 1! Behind a direful all-new cover in red-white-&-black by DICK GIORDANO, we’ve got Three Decades of Dracula—and Counting! Artist DICK GIORDANO, writer ROY THOMAS, & editor MARK BEAZLEY rap about the 1974-2005 dark genesis of Marvel’s Halloween hit Stoker’s Dracula, with behind-the-scenes stories and art! Plus DICK BRIEFER’s funny Frankenstein of the 1950s, a never-before-seen complete-story sequence from the awesome artist’s proposed newspaper strip! Then, it’s Our Gallery of Gruesomeness, a hunk of Halloween comic art by GENE COLAN, BERNIE WRIGHTSON, MIKE MIGNOLA, FRANK BRUNNER, STEVE BISSETTE, MICHAEL W. KALUTA, RUSS HEATH, JOE MANEELY, BILL EVERETT, STEVE DITKO, ERNIE SCHROEDER, and others! Also, fabled Golden/Silver Age inker MIKE ESPOSITO on his 1940s/1950s work with peerless partner ROSS ANDRU on Mr. Mystery, Mr. Universe, Get Lost!, etc.—with more amazing anecdotes than you can shake a Styx at—in the first part of a 2-tier interview by JIM AMASH! And—FCA with MARC SWAYZE, et al.—BILL SCHELLY—ALEX TOTH—MICHAEL T. GILBERT’s Comic Crypt—& MORE!!


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