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Alter Ego 07 -



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Winter 2001 - 100 pages

ALTER EGO #7 (100 pages) presents SUPER-TEAMS OF THE GOLDEN AND SILVER AGES, featuring a new JLA-JSA cover by RICH BUCKLER (in homage to Sekowsky and Anderson) and a MARVEL FAMILY #1 re-creation cover by C.C. BECK! Inside, you’ll find JULIUS SCHWARTZ on the Justice Society and Justice League– his first interview since publication of his memoir MAN OF TWO WORLDS! There’s also a complete guide to two decades of JLA-JSA team-ups– with new commentary by writers MIKE FRIEDRICH, LEN WEIN, GERRY CONWAY, and others! Then you’ll find rare art by RICH BUCKLER and JERRY ORDWAY, as editor ROY THOMAS reveals the origins of the ALL-STAR SQUADRON! Plus: the Many Oaths of the Golden Age Green Lantern, examined by CRAIG DELICH– with rare art by MART NODELL, IRWIN HASEN, PAUL REINMAN, and others! And a Special FCA (FAWCETT COLLECTORS OF AMERICA) section featuring MARC SWAYZE, C.C. BECK, and WILL LIEBERSON, with unpublished art by ALEX ROSS and P.C. HAMERLINCK, along with part two of our look at the work of the legendary MAC RABOY! And we round it out as MICHAEL T. GILBERT and MR. MONSTER rummage through the Comics Vault, and BILL SCHELLY gives you a guided tour of the first true comics convention ever–and more!

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