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Alter Ego 91 -



The PRINT Edition is SOLD OUT! But a DIGITAL Edition is available!

January 2010 - 100 pages

ALTER EGO #91 features a Fantastic Fawcett Festival! Behind a brand new Captain Marvel cover by JERRY ORDWAY & EMILIO SQUEGLIO, there’s a Big FCA (FAWCETT COLLECTORS OF AMERICA) section, headlining Golden Age Fawcett artists MARC SWAYZE & EMILIO SQUEGLIO! Plus JERRY ORDWAY on researching "The Power of Shazam!", Part II of “The MAD Four-Color Wannabes of the 1950s,” with ANDRU & ESPOSITO, BINDER, COLE, DISBROW, DAVIS, FLEISCHMAN, NOSTRAND, POWELL, WOOD, et al.! More on DR. LAURETTA BENDER and the teenage creations of STEVE GERBER—while artist JACK KATZ spills Golden Age secrets to JIM AMASH! Plus FCA—Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt—Comic Fandom Archive—and more! Edited by Roy Thomas.

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