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208 page Trade Paperback - by Durwin S. TALON

PANEL DISCUSSIONS is the combined knowledge of more than a dozen of the comic book industry’s top storytellers, covering all aspects of the design of comics, from pacing, story flow, and word balloon placement, to using color to convey emotion, spotting blacks, and how gutters between panels affect the story! The struggle to tell a comics story visually requires more than a cool-looking image; it takes years of experience and a thorough understanding of the art form’s visual vocabulary. Learn from the best, as WILL EISNER, SCOTT HAMPTON, MIKE WIERINGO, WALTER SIMONSON, MIKE MIGNOLA, MARK SCHULTZ, DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI, DICK GIORDANO, BRIAN STELFREEZE, MIKE CARLIN, CHRIS MOELLER, MARK CHIARELLO and others share hard-learned lessons about the DESIGN of comics, complete with hundreds of illustrated examples. When should you tilt or overlap a panel? How can sound effects enhance the story, and when do they distract from it? What are the best ways to divide up the page to convey motion, time, action, or quiet? If you’re serious about creating effective, innovative comics, or just enjoying them from the creator’s perspective, this in-depth guide is must-reading!

ISBN-13: 978-1-893905-14-6
ISBN-10: 1-893905-14-4
Diamond Order Code: MAY073781

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