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DC Duo Bundle -


Two great Companion books, together in one TwoMorrows Bundle!

The Flash Companion recounts the scarlet speedster’s evolution from the Golden Age to the 21st century, detailing the histories of Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen! And the Hawkman Companion features interviews and commentary from many who have helped Hawkman soar through the ages! Featuring Gardner Fox, Julius Schwartz, Murphy Anderson, Robert Kanigher, John Broome, Ross Andru, Joe Kubert, Irv Novick, Carmine Infantino, Cary Bates, Mike W. Barr, Marv Wolfman, Mike Baron, Jackson Guice, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Timothy Truman, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tony Isabella, Dan Jurgens, Roy Thomas, and more! Written by Keith Dallas and Doug Zawisza, each book is more than 200 pages. Normally over $50 separately, get both for only $34.95!

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