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Archie Hero Bundle -


Three great titles bundled together!

The complete history of Archie Comics' Mighty Crusaders super-heroes, in one TwoMorrows Bundle! The MLJ Companion offers an in-depth examinations of each era of the characters’ extensive history, from the Golden Age (beginning with the Shield), Silver Age (those campy Mighty Comics issues, and The Fly and Jaguar), Bronze Age (including the Impact line), and more. Then, Back Issue #107 explores the heroes' 1980s "Red Circle" era spearheaded by Rich Buckler, and finally, Comic Book Creator #16 delves into their Modern Age, with its Dark Circle imprint and a career-spanning interview with the Fox's Dean Haspiel! Featuring Irv Novick, Dick Ayers, Rich Buckler, Gray Morrow, Dan Parent, Bill DuBay, Steve Englehart, Jim Valentino, Jimmy Palmiotti, Kelly Jones, Michael Uslan, and others, in a combined total of more than 400 color pages. Normally over $50 separately, get all three for only $39.95!

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