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World’s Finest Bundle -


Two great Companion books bundled together!

Your two favorite heroes, together in one TwoMorrows Bundle! The Krypton Companion unlocks the secrets of Superman’s Silver and Bronze Ages, when kryptonite came in multiple colors and super-pets flew the skies! And the Batcave Companion investigates the Silver and Bronze Ages of Batman comic books, from his campy “New Look” of the mid-1960s to his “creature of the night” reinvention of the 1970s! Featuring interviews with and contributions by Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Cary Bates, Rich Buckler, Nick Cardy, José Luis García-López, Keith Giffen, Elliot S! Maggin, Jim Mooney, Dennis O’Neil, Bob Oksner, Martin Pasko, Bob Rozakis, Jim Shooter, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella, Mike W. Barr, Steve Englehart, and others. Written by Back Issue magazine’s Michael Eury and Michael Kronenberg, each book is 240 pages, with covers by Dave Gibbons and Neal Adams! Get both for only $40!

NOTE: The KRYPTON COMPANION has long been SOLD OUT, but we have a few copies available for this bundle. NOT SOLD SEPARATELY (bundled only)!

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