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Back Issue! 02 -



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100 pages - January 2004

BACK ISSUE #2 spotlights the decade of techno-pop, breakdancing, and comics' new wave in our TOTALLY '80s ISSUE! Editor Michael Eury dons his Members Only jacket for a profile of Comico the Comic Company, including two "Pro 2 Pro" Interviews: ADAM HUGHES and MIKE W. BARR relive their collaboration on The MAZE Agency-the coolest crime comic before crime comics were cool-spotlighting rare artwork by Hughes and ALAN DAVIS; and MATT WAGNER and DIANA SCHUTZ recall the early days of Grendel, with artwork by Wagner, TIM SALE, the PANDER BROS, and JOHN K. SNYDER III! Then, "Greatest Stories Never Told" gets the scoop behind the aborted Space Ghost II special-co-starring the Herculoids-featuring commentary from and rare art by STEVE RUDE! Is that it? No way! Check out "Rough Stuff!", with early penciled artwork from ADAM HUGHES, including Justice League America! "Beyond Capes!" explores BRUCE (The Incredible Hulk) JONES' gruesome Twisted Tales and astonishing Alien Worlds series from Pacific Comics, with interviews with and rare art by DAVE STEVENS, BO HAMPTON, MIKE HOFFMAN, and VAL MAYERICK! And just to prove we aren't totally stuck in the '80s, there's "Off My Chest!", MIKE W. BARR's personal view of 1978's DC Implosion and Cancelled Comics Cavalcade in his guest editorial, featuring unpublished DC Comics art by STEVE DITKO, JIM APARO, and JOE KUBERT! All this, plus a totally tubular cover by awesome ADAM HUGHES! Think you can find a mag more excellent than BACK ISSUE? As if!

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