Jack Kirby Collector Edited by John Morrow Jack Kirby Collector celebrates the life and career of the "King" of comics through interviews with Kirby and his contemporaries, feature articles, and rare & unseen Kirby artwork. Now in tabloid format, the magazine showcases Kirby's art at even larger size.

The New Gods Portfolio

Background information supplied by Allan Chao.

From Jack Kirby Collector #6

On April 9-11, 1971, this rare Kirby portfolio was released during Jack's appearance at the Disneyland Convention of Nostalgia, held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. The dimensions of these eight black & white plates are 8-1/2" x 11" without an exterior portfolio envelope. They were taken from Jack's original concept drawings for the New Gods characters, done while still at Marvel in the late 1960's. The originals were inked by Don Heck and hand-colored by Jack, similar to the color plates in the GODS portfolio. While many details of each character changed before they appeared in Jack's comics, it's interesting to see how these characters evolved.

Two reproductions from the portfolio illustrate Charles Hatfield's piece Kirby's Fourth World: An Appreciation

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