Jack Kirby Collector Edited by John Morrow Jack Kirby Collector celebrates the life and career of the "King" of comics through interviews with Kirby and his contemporaries, feature articles, and rare & unseen Kirby artwork. Now in tabloid format, the magazine showcases Kirby's art at even larger size.

This is Jack's unused art for page 2 of the story that ended up in Fantastic Four #108.

Jack's margin notes, panel by panel:

  1. "Even ancients pondered problem that still plagues man today"
  2. "This radiation test will prove date conclusively"
  3. "The rays react"
  4. "This intensity meter places statue at 4000 B.C."
  5. "That fierce face - - thank goodness we've progressed today"
  6. Panel was cropped and used on page 1 of FF#108

See our Ninth Issue for the whole story (as best as we could do!)

From Jack Kirby Collector #9

Characters ™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Art © Jack Kirby.

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