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Submission Guidelines

If you have an idea for a book you'd like TwoMorrows to consider publishing, please e-mail publisher John Morrow at:

Alternately, you can snail-mail ideas to:

John Morrow, publisher
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614

To help us better evaluate your idea, we request you send a 1000 word (or less) proposal, including a detailed description and highlights of the project, who you see as the main audience for it, and a breakdown of the chapters of the book.

For details on submitting art and articles for our magazines, please contact each of our editors directly for the submission requirements:

Please note that we accept no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, so please only send proposals, not complete texts, until we've evaluated our interest in your project. We receive a lot of submissions annually, so please be patient as we evaluate your submissions. We will get back to you, even if it's something we're not currently interested in publishing.



"Fair Use" allows excerpts of copyrighted material to be used for journalistic purposes. However, it must be credited to the copyright owner, or it becomes plagiarism—presenting someone else's work as your own—which cannot be condoned.

So if you quote a previously published source for your work for TwoMorrows Publishing, the source you're quoting must be properly credited. It can be as a footnote, bibliography, or a note at the end of the article, or it can be included as a line in the article itself, such as:

--In his interview with Roy Thomas in Alter Ego #44, Joe Blow stated, "That guy was crazy!"--

At the bare minimum, you should credit the title of the publication and the author you are quoting from, ALWAYS. When possible, we encourage contributors to also include specifics about the publication (publisher's name, issue and page number, etc.).

It is the contributor's responsibility to ask permission from the author of the source they are quoting from, if the material to be quoted is more than 3 paragraphs (or in the case of shorter source material, roughly 5% of the material). While it's not required, we also encourage contributors to ask permission of the author to quote their material when it is less than that amount. In most instances, author's will gladly give permission, as long as credit is given.

Publisher John Morrow is happy to provide assistance in tracking down the authors of any source material for permission; send your request to If we're unable to track down the author for permission, John will make a decision on a case-by-case basis about whether to include the material without specific permission. However, if permission is expressly denied by the author, the material can not be used.

If, in the opinion of publisher John Morrow, a contributor violates this policy, the contributor will receive one warning. If the problem occurs again, TwoMorrows will no long accept any material from that contributor.

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