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New subscription options

Layout 1
With the new year comes another postage hike by the US Postal Service, so we’ve had to moderately increase our 2016 subscription rates; just enough to offset our extra expenses (but Canada especially took a big jump in postage).

And above is a look at our official new subscription packaging. To offer the cheapest US postage rates for subscribers, our mags have to be shipped in flexible/bendable packaging to run through the USPS’s automated equipment. We’ve experimented and found a waterproof poly envelope that, when combined with a piece of chipboard, keeps the subscription copies flexible enough to qualify for the lower postage rates, but still protects them from damage from all but the most inconsiderate postal carriers. These aren’t the cheap knockoff poly bags (we tried them, and they’re lousy), but the top grade ones from Uline, and they’ve been getting raves from our readers.

We’re also offering two upgrades for US subscribers: “Expedited” which gives MUCH faster delivery (think First Class Mail, but still in the flexible packaging), and “Premium”, which has the faster delivery, PLUS a sturdy cardboard mailer with reinforced corners for maximum protection. (We use that same mailer for all International subscribers now too, so the mags will survive the long trek outside the US.)

These cardboard mailers are the best we’ve ever seen, but they’re pricey—and they won’t go through the US Postal Service’s automated sorting equipment, and thus cost more to ship. But if you want the fastest speed and the best condition, be sure to chose “Premium” for your US subscriptions.

Diamond finally lets us list our mags and books together in Previews!

After years of listing our fan-favorite comics magazines in a separate section of its Previews catalog, Diamond Comic Distributors is now consolidating all of TwoMorrows’ comics-related publications into one section, in the front half of the catalog.

Beginning with the current February 2016 catalog (for items shipping to comics shops in April), the “TwoMorrows” section under “Comics & Graphic Novels” includes both our books AND magazines, for easier ordering. The section can be found mid-way through the catalog, alphabetically under the letter “T”.

So no more digging through the MAGAZINE section for Alter Ego, Back Issue, Comic Book Creator, Draw, and Jack Kirby Collector. (The one exception in BrickJournal, which will continue to be listed in the MAGAZINE section, under “LEGO”.)

If you want to see what we’ve got listed this month through Diamond, CLICK HERE!

Visit BrickJournal at Play Fair in NYC, Feb. 13-14!

BrickJournal magazine will be exhibiting at Booth #138 at Play Fair in New York City, Feb. 13-14!

It’s like a giant play room for kids, featuring the best toys, games, and family entertainment from LEGO, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Mattel, Cartoon Network, Crayola, and more. We’ll have an interactive LEGO exhibit, with custom Star Wars creations that were featured in BrickJournal, a LEGO “Great Ball Contraption,” and a Photobot that will create a free BrickJournal cover featuring you as a Master Builder!

Tickets are on sale now at (use code BrickJournal5 to save $5 per ticket). See you there!

ZOOM! Get into LEGO car building in BrickJournal #38, shipping today

The new issue of our LEGO mag BrickJournal (#38) is shipping today. The focus is on building cool cars and hot rods, and features tips and tricks from top international LEGO car builders. Subscribers can expect their copies to arrive any day now (if not already), and the mag will be in Barnes & Noble and other retail outlets over the next couple of weeks. You can check out a free preview of the issue, and order HERE.

Let’s start 2016 with a BIG bang in Back Issue #86!

Shipping today is Back Issue #86, wherein editor Michael Eury and his regular crew of contributors spotlight a colossal batch of Bronze Age Marvel Giants and Reprints! This oversize issue costs an extra $1, but I think you’ll feel it was worth it. No one’s ever covered these books like Euryman has here, so check out the free preview and order HERE!

New year, new look, same great publications!

By now you’ve probably noticed a new, more streamlined and modern look to our website. Hope you like it! Our new slogan “The Future of Comics History” really conveys what I’ve been trying to do with my company for the last 22 years: document the heritage of this industry we all love, but in a fresh, new, and comprehensive way. Based on our continued longevity in the field, and the responses from our readers, I think we’re continuing to achieve that. But we’re not stopping now! There’s plenty left to cover, and more “new” history is being made every month in comics. As long as you’re around to enjoy it, we’ll keep making comics history accessible for everyone. Happy New Year!

Our final release of 2015: Alter Ego #137!

AE49 Trial Cover.qxd
Alter Ego #137, our final new release of 2015, hits stores today. And we’re sending the old year out, with a feature-length interview of the one and only Jim Shooter! Jim talks all about his 1960s work for DC and Mort Weisinger, plus delves into 1970s and even 1980s work, so don’t miss it! See a free preview and order HERE!

This issue also wraps up the top secret, all-encompassing TwoMorrows Crossover that we’ve been planning for several months, with a big surprise reveal at the end of the issue. Each of our November-December releases included a special two-page spread that interconnects to form one massive image, showcasing the efforts of nearly 100 of the comics industry’s top talents! Make sure you get every part of this “jam” project:

Alter Ego #136 (Part 1)
Back Issue #85 (Part 2)
Comic Book Creator #10 (Part 3)
Jack Kirby Collector #66 (Part 4)
BrickJournal #37 (Part 5)
Draw #31 (Part 6, which contains a key to who drew what)
And the final, big reveal is in this issue (Part 7).

Happy holidays, everyone, and thanks for another great year at TwoMorrows! See you in 2016!

The LEGO Force has awakened in BrickJournal #37, out now!

This weekend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts. And right now, the new issue of BrickJournal pays tribute to George Lucas’ film universe with a special SW-theme!

The magazine for LEGO enthusiasts returns to a galaxy far, far away with amazing ships by ERIC DRUON (also known as BaronSat), and some incredible galactic layouts by builder AC PIN! There’s also a look at the many droid creations built by LEGO fans, plus our regular feature on Minifigure Customization by JARED K. BURKS, AFOLs by cartoonist GREG HYLAND, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions by CHRISTOPHER DECK (including how to build a BB-8), and more! Truly, this is the LEGO publication you’ve been looking for! See a free preview and order HERE!