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Shipping & Returns

If you're ordering by mail (instead of here at our webstore), please include these amounts for US shipping:

$4 for the first magazine, and $2 for each additional magazine on the same order.
$5 for each Softcover book.
$7 for each Hardcover book.

When you order, there’s a “Packaging” dropdown menu with the default option of “Flexible Polybag” (which is a polymailer with thin chipboard insert, making it flexible for postal sorting machines, and thus is the least expensive shipping option). To insure you get a rigid cardboard mailer for even better protection, choose “Cardboard Mailer” on your smaller orders (which requires a small additional fee). Larger orders for in-stock items will automatically get rigid packaging for the immediately-shipping items, but any items that are pre-ordered will be shipped in whatever packaging you chose.

All international orders should be placed here at our webstore, in order to calculate correct shipping costs.

For orders in the USA, we ship by Media Mail from North Carolina, so please allow sufficient time for delivery, especially if you're on the West Coast. Please note that US subscription copies are sent by Standard Mail unless you've requested the more expensive "Premium" option, and can take from a few days to two weeks or more, depending on the speed of mail delivery in your area. Since we have no control over the US Postal Service's delivery speed, if getting your magazine before it appears in stores is critical to you, we suggest you select our "Premium" option, or purchase our magazines at your local comics shop.

For international orders, First Class Mail International (only available for packages weighing up to 4 lbs.) usually takes 2-4 weeks. Priority Mail International usually takes 1-2 weeks. Flat Rate shipping usually takes 6-8 weeks (it goes by "Surface" and the minimum charge is for 11 lbs., making it economical only for larger orders). For packages of 4 lbs. or less, the "First Class Mail International" option will generally cost less, and have faster delivery. If you want a larger package (over 4 lbs.) in the quickest time possible, your only option is the more expensive "Priority Mail International".

NOTE FOR MEDIA MAIL & PRIORITY MAIL CUSTOMERS: If your order contains a combination of items that are currently shipping, and upcoming items (i.e. ones that aren't shipping yet), and you choose Media Mail or Priority Mail as your shipping option, we will send the currently shipping items by Media Mail or Priority Mail, then send the upcoming items by the least expensive way possible as they become available. If you want the upcoming items to also ship by Media Mail or Priority Mail, you'll need to put each upcoming item on a separate order, so our web store can calculate the additional shipping costs for shipping them to you separately.

If you are unhappy with the condition of an item you received, or were sent an item you didn't order (or are missing an item you did order), please contact us at 919-449-0344 or e-mail to and we'll do everything possible to correct the problem.

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