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Where is the link to the Digital Edition(s) I purchased?
The links are at the bottom of the "Confirmation" page after you checkout. Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to scroll down to find them. Don't worry; if you missed them, you can still find them by logging into your account, going to "Order History", and clicking on the order you placed for them. The links will always be there, so you can refer back to them at any time.

When I click on the link, I just get a white screen; what happened?
Depending on your browser's set-up, you might need to right-click the link with your mouse, and choose "Download Linked File" and open it manually. Your computer may have also simply downloaded the PDF file to your hard drive, rather than open it for you (so you'll need to find the file on your drive and open it manually).

I used your Paypal button to pay for my Digital Edition order, but I didn't get a link after I checked out. Where is it?
There's a known problem with the Paypal Express Checkout button, and when you use it, your order won't automatically get marked "PAID" in our store. So we have to manually mark your order "PAID" before the links will be available (which will get done the next business day when we process the previous day's orders). You can avoid this by skipping the big Paypal button, going through the checkout process, and choosing "Paypal" on the payment page. Then, your links will be available as soon as you complete the checkout process.

Can I order Digital Editions on my iPad?
Yes, any device that can read a PDF file can be used to order our Digital Editions. On the iPad, you may want to download an app called GoodReader (or any other app that reads PDF files), and use its built-in browser to order from our webstore. It can download our Digital Editions, view them, and let you store and organize them inside GoodReader. You can also then open and save them to the native iBooks app on your iPad if you prefer reading them there. But our Digital Editions can also be read natively in the Safari browser on the iPad.

Do you have Apps?
YES! We now also offer native Apps on the Apple iTunes/Newsstand and Android Google Play platforms. Here are links:

Jack Kirby Collector:
Apple App Store:

Back Issue:
Apple App Store:

Alter Ego:
Apple App Store:

Draw! (with Rough Stuff and Write Now):
Apple App Store:

Comic Book Creator (and Comic Book Artist):
Apple App Store:

BrickJournal (and other LEGO items):
Apple App Store:

TwoMorrows Books:
Apple App Store:

I've started buying Digital Editions through your Apps. Can I access the Digital Editions I already purchased from your webstore through the App?
Unfortunately, no, the App Store infrastructure is entirely separate from our own webstore, so we have no way to transfer orders back and forth. (Apple doesn't give us that ability.) However, you can access the PDF digital editions you've gotten from our webstore, by logging into your account at (using your iPad's browser), going to "Order History", and clicking on the order you placed for them. The links will always be there, so you can refer back to them at any time. Just download them to your iPad and save them in the iBooks app or any other PDF reader app, and they'll be stored on your iPad.

Why are "subscriptions" through the App so much more expensive than through your webstore?
App subscriptions work differently than traditional print subscriptions, or digital subs through our webstore. Instead of getting the next "X" issues, when you subscribe in the App, you get access to ALL the items in the app for a period of one year. (ie. ALL the old issues, and ALL the new ones that will be released for the next 365 days.) If you don't renew after the year is over, you will lose access to any items in the App that you did not buy as an individual purchase.

How do I get my free digital editions with my print subscription?
You'll automatically get emailed a link as each new issue goes to press, as long as your subscription stays current. However, if you renew late, you may miss the automatic link email, and you'll need to send a message to to request your latest link. (Please check your "Spam" filter to make sure our messages aren't ending up there.) NOTE: Some internet providers are overzealous with their Spam filters, and will block our emails on occasion. Please add "" to your address book. If you routinely miss our link emails, and you're sure they're not ending up in your computer's Spam folder, please contact your ISP and request that they allow our emails to go through.

Can I get my free Digital Edition through the App instead of through TwoMorrows?
No, sorry, we can not give print subscribers free access to the Digital Editions of their sub through the App. You will need to download them through the link we e-mail you.

I can't login to my account; help!
Most likely, you're typing your email or password incorrectly (even one extra blank space or an uncapitalized letter can cause the problem). If you have several email addresses, you might even be using the wrong one to login. If you're 100% sure you're typing everything correctly, choose the "Forgot your password?" link on our login page. A new password will be sent to your email address within a few minutes. (NOTE: If the new password doesn't arrive, check your Spam folder. Also, if you're using a computer at work, your employer may have a Firewall that prohibits such emails from coming through, so you might want to try it from a computer at home. It's also possible your ISP is blocking the new password email, thinking it's Spam.) Be sure to add "" to your address book. As a last resort, you can just create a new account and use that from now on (but you won't have access to your Order History on the old account). But if you're having problems, feel free to call us at 919-449-0344 and we'll do our best to help over the phone.

Will I get a reminder notice when it's time to renew my subscription?
Absolutely. As soon as a new issue goes to press (generally about 2-3 weeks before it ships to customers), we send email renewal notices to anyone who ordered the previous issue, but hasn't yet ordered the new one. (Please check your "Spam" filter to make sure our messages aren't ending up there.) If we don't have an email address on file for you, we'll send you a snail mail postcard reminder instead. Be sure to add "" to your address book to make sure our emails don't get flagged as Spam.

I placed an order for several items, but at least one wasn't included with my order. What's up with that?
Check your packing slip for the release date; most likely, the missing item(s) was a pre-order item that hasn't been published yet, and will ship to you when it's released. We list upcoming items for preordering on our site, and the expected release date is listed on each item's description page, and on our home page. So you might've missed seeing the release date for those upcoming items. Don't worry; they'll be shipped to you as soon as they're published.

Can I order online (to get my Digital Editions and discounts), but pay with check or money order?
Sure! During checkout, there's a "check/money order" option on the payment page. Just click that, complete the checkout process, and we'll hold your order until payment arrives in the mail. Once we receive payment, we'll also activate the links for any digital items you ordered, so you can access them in your Order History online. (And we're always happy to take your full order over the phone at 919-449-0344 or by mail.)

What issue will my subscription start with?
We will start you subscription with the NEXT issue to be published (ie. the one AFTER the one that's available now), to avoid sending you an issue you already have. However, if you want to start with the CURRENT issue, please specify that in the "Comments" box at checkout.

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