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Advertising Rates

BrickJournal & RetroFan Display Ads

Full-color display ads for BRICKJOURNAL and RETROFAN are:

  • Color Back Cover: $1200 (limited availability; please inquire)
  • Inside Front or Inside Back Cover: $1000 (limited availability; please inquire)
  • Full Page interior: $800
  • Half Page interior: $500
  • Quarter Page interior: $300 

In BrickJournal, we also offer smaller LEGO Community ads. Each issue is limited to only 8 spots (each 1/8 of a page) at the reduced rate of $100 per ad (since there are only 8 spots, we're setting a maximum of two spots per vendor, so everyone has the chance to appear, and a second ad can only run in the same issue if there's a space left after we've filled all other requests for a single ad).

However, you can SAVE MORE if you'll agree to run in four consecutive issues (or reserve two spots in two consecutive issues), at a rate of $75 per spot (for a total commitment of $300 for four spots). If you agree to a four-issue contract and fail to produce all four ads, you would be billed the difference to make up the full $100 price for any ads you ran.

These are FULL-COLOR ads, sized 3.625" wide by 2.375" tall (just create a box that size, and include whatever fits inside it). We accept PDF, TIF, JPEG, EPS, or Macintosh Quark or InDesign files. Please use at least 300dpi resolution at actual size for any scanned or bitmapped images.

Comics-related Display Ads


  • Color back cover or inside cover ads are $800 ($700 if you prepay for two or more).
  • Full-page interior is $600 ($500 if you prepay for two or more).
  • Half-page interior is $300 ($250 if you prepay for two or more).
  • Quarter-page interior is $150 ($125 if you prepay for two or more).

The closing date for a given issue is generally 90 days prior to the first day of the issue's cover date (ie. the December-dated issue ships in November, and ads are due September 1)

We accept:
PDF files
JPEG files (at least 300 dpi)
TIF files  (at least 300 dpi)

Our page trim size is 8.375" wide x 10.875" tall, with an additional 1/8" on all sides for bleeds.

Please make your ads:
Full-page: 7.625" x 10.125" live area (bleeds OK).
Half-page: 7.625" x 4.875" live area (no bleeds).
Quarter-page: 3.6875" x 4.875" live area (no bleeds).

For more information or to reserve space, e-mail us at

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