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Alter Ego 136 -



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November 2015 - 100-page Anniversary Issue (now with FULL COLOR)

In ALTER EGO #136 (100 full-color pages, $9.95), ROY THOMAS talks to JIM AMASH about celebrating his 50th year in comics—and especially about the ’90s at Marvel! Get the end-of-century lowdown on Avengers West Coast, Dr. Strange, The Invaders, Fantastic Four Unlimited, Secret Defenders, Conan the Adventurer, Saga of the Sub-Mariner, and other Roy features. Art by TRIMPE, GUICE, RYAN, ROSS, BUCKLER, HOOVER, KAYANAN, BUSCEMA, CHAN, plus STAN LEE, KEVIN SMITH, and others! Also FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, AMY KISTE NYBERG on the Comics Code, and a cover caricature of Roy by MARIE SEVERIN, surrounded by some of Roy's finest characters! This bonus-size issue is edited by (who else?) ROY THOMAS.

NOTE: This issue's Part 1 of a top secret, all-encompassing TwoMorrows Crossover that we’ve been planning for several months. Each of our November-December 2015 releases features a special two-page spread that interconnects to form one massive image, showcasing the efforts of nearly 100 of the comics industry’s top talents! But could bring so many people together for this one “jam” project? There’s clues in each new magazine release, in this order:
Back Issue #85 (Part 2)
Comic Book Creator #10 (Part 3)
Jack Kirby Collector #66 (Part 4)
BrickJournal #37 (Part 5)
Draw #31 (Part 6, which contains a key to who drew what)
And the final, big reveal is in Alter Ego #137 (Part 7).

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