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Alter Ego 33 -



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February 2004 - 108 pages

ALTER EGO #33 presents MIKE SEKOWSKY - GOLDEN/SILVER AGE LEGEND! Featuring: Two color-splashed covers by RON FRENZ (after SEKOWSKY and JACK KIRBY)—inked by JOE SINNOTT and SAL BUSCEMA! A star-spangled symposium on MIKE SEKOWSKY by MARK EVANIER, SCOTT SHAW!, et al.—with rare art by "Big Mike," MURPHY ANDERSON, CARMINE INFANTINO, and others! JOSEPHINE (MRS. MIKE) SEKOWSKY and Golden Age inker VALERIE BARCLAY interviewed by JIM AMASH about one of comics’ fastest and most versatile artists! FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with MARC SWAYZE and a riotous 1950s Captain Marvel parody by ANDRU and ESPOSITO—ALEX TOTH—BILL SCHELLY—MICHAEL T. GILBERT and MR. MONSTER—the "Alter Ego" comic by ROY THOMAS and RON HARRIS—and MORE!!

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