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Alter Ego 32 -



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January 2004 - 108 pages

ALTER EGO #32 presents A GOLDEN AGE ARTIST REUNION, and THE ROOTS OF THE SILVER AGE! Behind colorful new covers by DICK GIORDANO (a cavalcade of 1940s Timely/Marvel heroes) and RON HARRIS, Golden Age Timely artists ALLEN BELLMAN (Human Torch, Patriot, et al.) and SAM BURLOCKOFF are interviewed—including the tale of their joyful reunion after 50 years, brought about in part by A/E!—with tons of rare Timely art by CARL BURGOS, BILL EVERETT, CARL PFEUFER, SYD SHORES, et al.! Plus: MART (Green Lantern) NODELL on his late-1940s years at Timely/Marvel! Fiction House—the Italian Connection, with ENRICO BAGNOLI, one of the "Great Unknowns" of the 1940s! MIKE GOLD on a crucial year in the early Silver Age of Comics—with rare art by SIMON & KIRBY, CURT SWAN, CARMINE INFANTINO, GIL KANE, and others! Also, FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with MARC SWAYZE and Fawcett mystery artist IRVIN STEINBERG—ALEX TOTH—BILL SCHELLY on comics fandom—and more!!

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