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Back Issue! 07 -



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100 pages - November 2004

It’s all for one, and one for all in BACK ISSUE #7 our “Super Teams” issue! FLASHBACK—THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: The history of the popular Batman team-up title, including a JIM APARO interview and a tribute to writer BOB HANEY! PRO2PRO ROUNDTABLE—FANTASTIC FOUR: Past and present contributors from STAN LEE to MARK WAID share their unique insights into Marvel’s fab four! PRO2PRO—DNAgents: MARK EVANIER and WILL MEUGNIOT discuss their fondly remembered 1980s series, featuring a stunning gallery of Meugniot’s artwork! GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD: DC’s TEEN TITANS SWINGIN’ ELSEWORDS and SUPER-SONS, and Marvel’s SANTA CLAUS, with art by JAY STEPHENS, NICK CARDY, KIERON DWYER, and JOHN ROMITA, SR.! ROUGH STUFF: Super team pencil pages by ALEX ROSS, ALEX TOTH, RICK LEONARDI, DAVE COCKRUM, DON HECK, JUNE BRIGMAN, FRANK ROBBINS, KERRY GAMMILL, DON NEWTON, CARMINE INFANTINO, and JOHN BYRNE (his FF tryout)! PLUS: DENNY O’NEIL’s “Off My Chest” editorial on super teams, a guided tour of Metropolis, Illinois (the “home” of Superman), the conclusion of our Comics to Film to DVD list, and art and contributions by DICK GIORDANO, RAMONA FRADON, MIKE W. BARR, NEAL ADAMS, NICK CARDY, JACK C. HARRIS, CARY BURKETT, BOB BROWN, WALT SIMONSON, TOM DeFALCO, ROGER STERN, TERRY AUSTIN, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, STEVE RUDE, MOEBIUS, GEORGE PÉREZ, and others. With a decades-spanning Superman and Batman cover (penciled in 1984 and inked in 2004) by CURT SWAN and MURPHY ANDERSON! Edited by Michael Eury.

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