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Alter Ego 154 -



September 2018 - 100 pages (FULL COLOR)

In ALTER EGO #154 (100 pages, $9.95) ALLEN BELLMAN, artist in the original early-1940s Timely/Marvel bullpen, tells DR. MICHAEL J. VASSALLO everything he didn't discuss in their 2004 interview, with art by SHORES, BURGOS, BRODSKY, SEKOWSKY, EVERETT, PFEUFER, KLEIN, BURLOCKOFF, JAFFEE, FAGO, et al. Plus, a spotlight on Marvel's trio of early-’70s heroine comics, featuring talks with LINDA FITE and PATY COCKRUM (The Cat), CAROLE SEULING (Shanna the She-Devil), and ROY THOMAS (Night Nurse)—with art by SEVERIN, FRADON, ANDRU, and MORTIMER! And, of course, FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), MR. MONSTER meets DAN ADKINS (Part 2), and BILL SCHELLY! Cover by BELLMAN and DAN DAVIS! Edited by ROY THOMAS.

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