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Comic Book Nerd -


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68 page Magazine - by Pete Von Sholly

If you like comics fan mags, boy, are you gonna hate this! It’s COMIC BOOK NERD, PETE VON SHOLLY’s side-splitting parody of the fan press, including our own mags! Experience the magic(?) of such publications as Whizzer, the Comics Urinal, Ultra Ego, Comics Buyer’s Guise, Bagged Issue!, Comic Book Meatmarket, Scrawl!, Comic Book Artiste, Purviews, and more, as we unabashedly poke fun at ourselves, our competitors, and you, our loyal readers! It’s a FULL-COLOR first issue, collector’s item, double-bag, slab-worthy, keep behind the counter, speculator’s special sure to rub even the thickest-skinned fanboy the wrong way! If you buy only one magazine this month, we’re probably not going to make any money off you, so go ’way. Otherwise, be sure to order a copy of each of our 5000 variant covers (which, come to think of it, all look pretty much the same)!


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