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Alter Ego 110 -


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June 2012 - 84 pages (now with FULL COLOR)

ALTER EGO #110 (84 pages with FULL COLOR, $8.95) is a special SHAZAM!/FAWCETT issue, with expanded FCA section! P.C. HAMERLINCK presents the little-known 1940s “CAPTAIN MARVEL” RADIO SHOW (featuring an interview with its “Billy Batson,” BURT BOYAR)—commentary by PCH and co-creator C.C. BECK re the 1939 origin of the Big Red Cheese—ROY THOMAS and JERRY BINGHAM on their 1980s Secret Origins “Shazam!” origin take—and MARC SWAYZE’s Golden Age memoirs! Plus—more on BERNARD BAILY by KEN QUATTRO—Part II of LEONARD STARR, interviewed by JIM AMASH—MICHAEL T. GILBERT’s Comic Crypt—BILL SCHELLY and the Fandom Reunion 2011, Part II—and more! Edited by ROY THOMAS.

Diamond Comics Distributors Order Code: APR121374

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