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Alter Ego 47 -



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April 2005 - 100 pages

ALTER EGO #47 spotlights MATT BAKER, A GOLDEN AGE GOOD-GUY WHO DREW “GOOD GIRLS”! PHANTOM LADY! TIGER GIRL! FLAMINGO! SKY GIRL! CAMILLA! SOUTH SEA GIRL! ROBIN HOOD! (How’d he get in there??) Behind a full-color cover headlighting Phantom Lady (Dr. Wertham, avert your eyes!), read “Baker of Cheesecake!” detailing the 1940s-50s life and art of MATT BAKER! A guided tour by ALBERTO BECCATINI ‹ surprising interviews with Baker’s half-brother and nephew by JIM AMASH ‹ and an aesthetic appreciation by JOHN BENSON! Rare art from Baker contemporaries ROBERT WEBB ‹ MAURICE WHITMAN ‹ ALEX BLUM ‹ AL FELDSTEIN ‹ VINCE COLLETTA ‹ ARTHUR PEDDY ‹ FRANK BORTH ‹ JACK KAMEN ‹ and others! FCA with MARC SWAYZE and BILL BLACK ‹ BILL SCHELLY talks to comic-book-seller (and fan) BUD PLANT ‹ MICHAEL T. GILBERT and MR. MONSTER ‹ ALEX TOTH ‹ and MORE!!

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