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Alter Ego 52 -



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September 2005 - 100 pages

ALTER EGO #52 features GIELLA, PIKE, & THALL, a Triptych of Titanically Talented Comic Artists! Behind a new GIELLA color cover, featuring a trio of DC super-stars facing their greatest foes, JOE GIELLA—legendary inker of DC’s 1960s Flash, Green Lantern, & “New Look” Batman—and artist on the Batman, Phantom, Mary Worth, & Flash Gordon newspaper strips—talks about the Silver Age at DC, the Golden Age at Marvel, JULIE SCHWARTZ, et al., in an exclusive JIM AMASH interview! Featuring rare and lavish art by CARMINE INFANTINO, GIL KANE, MIKE SEKOWSKY, CURT SWAN, DICK DILLIN, SHELLY MOLDOFF, FRANK GIACOIA, DAN & SY BARRY, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, and others! Then, there’s JAY SCOTT PIKE on STAN LEE & the Marvel/Timely years (Jann of the Jungle, Black Rider, Lorna the Jungle Girl, Kid Colt, & Cold War spy comics) and on CHARLIE BIRO’s Crimebuster! MARTIN THALL on working with ROSS ANDRU & MIKE ESPOSITO (Get Lost!), GEORGE EVANS (Captain Video), WALLY WOOD, SIMON & KIRBY, AL WILLIAMSON, CHARLES SULTAN, MAURICE WHITMAN, etc.! FCA featuring MARC SWAYZE, C.C. BECK, & OTTO BINDER—ALEX TOTH on comic art—MICHAEL T. GILBERT & MR. MONSTER—BILL SCHELLY interviews 1960s fan GLEN JOHNSON—& MORE!! Edited by Roy Thomas.


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