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Alter Ego 17 -



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September 2002 - 108 pages

ALTER EGO #17 spotlights LOU FINE, ARNOLD DRAKE, MURPHY ANDERSON, and more! Behind great color covers by LOU FINE (The Ray) and LUIS DOMINGUEZ (Doom Patrol), there's "FINE ART!"  Golden Age colossus LOU FINE remembered by three who loved him-- plus a pulse-pounding plethora of gorgeous, rarely-see art by FINE, EISNER, CRANDALL, and others! MURPHY ANDERSON speaks with JIM AMASH about comics in the 1940s! ARNOLD DRAKE (co-creator of Doom Patrol and Deadman) talks about BRUNO PREMIANI, CARMINE INFANTINO, MORT WEISINGER, BOB HANEY, and the 1960s at DC Comics! ROY THOMAS on the Golden Age Robotman! MICHAEL T. GILBERT on the non-EC action comics of JACK DAVIS and GEORGE EVANS! FCA section featuring C.C. BECK, MARC SWAYZE, ALVIN SCHWARTZ, JAY DISBROW, and E. NELSON BRIDWELL—and more!

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