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Jack Kirby Collector 55 -



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Fall 2010 - 84 pages - Tabloid Format

In JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #55 (84 tabloid-size pages, $10.95), "Kirby Goes To Hollywood!" as we examine the King's forays in and out of Tinseltown! Inside you'll find: Sergio Aragonés and Mell Lazarus recall appearing with Kirby on an episode of Bob Newhart's BOB! television show! A comparison of three most recent STAR WARS films to Jack's "The Pact" and "Himon" Fourth World issues! The King's time at Ruby-Spears animation as a designer on Thundarr the Barbarian examined, plus an interview with Joe Ruby and Ken Spears! How Kirby inspired Hollywood productions from 1940s serials and cartoon shows, to TV series and big screen blockbusters—plus how Jack worked films and TV into his own comics stories! Heretofore unknown tidbits about Jack's encounters with Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney... and John Lennon?! All this, plus Mark Evanier's regular column, a Kirby pencil art gallery, a Golden Age Kirby story, and more, behind a color Kirby cover inked by PAUL SMITH! Edited by John Morrow.

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