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December 2005 - 80 pages

WRITE NOW! #11 is our SPECIAL “PROFESSIONAL SECRETS” ISSUE, as 25 TOP COMICS WRITERS AND EDITORS tell you the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to write comics, from the craft and business points of view! You’ll hear from: Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Waid, Peter David, J.M. DeMatteis, Tom DeFalco, Dennis O’Neil, Chuck Dixon, Dan Jurgens, Jimmy Palmiotti, Steven Grant, Bruce Jones, Erik Larsen, Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza, Axel Alonso, Ron Marz, Mike Marts, and MANY MORE! PLUS: An in-depth interview with TOM DeFALCO and RON FRENZ about their longtime collaboration on projects such as SPIDER-MAN, THOR, THUNDERSTRIKE, and SPIDER-GIRL! The team supreme talks about what it’s like to work closely with a creative partner! You’ll laugh—you’ll cry—and most, importantly, you’ll learn TONS of important information about making comic books. PLUS: Filmmaker Robert Tinnell—co-writer of the acclaimed graphic novel The Black Forest and the upcoming The Wicked West— tells you how he moves back and forth from movies to comics. GrimJack’s John Ostrander tells you how to create great characters! Web guru T. Campbell gives you the lowdown on publishing comics on the Internet! More NUTS & BOLTS writing examples from top comics pros! And much, much more, featuring an all-new SPIDER-GIRL cover by RON FRENZ and SAL BUSCEMA!

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