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Spring 2016 - 19 pages

This is a FREE 19-page PDF SUPPLEMENT to Jack Kirby Collector #67, which is included in the Digital Edition of the full issue. Just add it to your shopping cart, checkout (you will NOT be charged), and a link will be provided at the BOTTOM of the "Confirmation" page to the PDF file. Click the link to download the file to your computer and view the PDF.

For information about this issue, please check the print version's page, where you can buy the Print version and get the Digital Edition for free, or buy the full Digital Edition separately, including this Supplement.

[Here is a message from Charles Hatfield, curator of the CSU Northridge exhibition Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby and moderator of the CSUN panel discussion that appeared in The Jack Kirby Collector #67:

"Due to editorial mistakes on my part, the version of the panel transcript that ran in the print edition of TJKC #67 was not approved by the other panelists, Scott Bukatman, Doug Harvey, Adam McGovern, Andrei Molotiu, Steve Roden, and Ben Saunders. Further, it contained a number of mistaken names, mis-attributed statements, and mis-heard lines. The responsibility for these errors is mine, and I apologize to my fellow panelists for rushing into print an unapproved and faulty transcript that did not reflect their input.

"Fortunately, John Morrow has graciously made it possible for us to include this revised, corrected transcript in the digital edition, and as this free downloadable supplement to the issue. My thanks to my co-panelists for their patience, understanding, and revisions. I am proud to have been part of this stellar conversation!"]

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