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Jack Kirby Collector 69 -



Fall 2016 - 100-page FULL-COLOR magazine

Jack Kirby Collector #69 (100 full-color pages, $10.95) buddies up with KIRBY’S PARTNERS, as we spotlight Jack's duos: Captain America & the Falcon (and Bucky, and Rick Jones), Sandman & Sandy, Orion & Lightray, Johnny & Ben, Dingbats, Newsboys, Batman & Robin, and more! We’ve also scouted high and low for special features on Kirby's creative pals Joe Simon, Mike Royer, Chic Stone, Dick Ayers, Joe Sinnott, Mike Thibodeaux — even Roz Kirby! There's a behind-the-scenes report on Jack’s BATTLE FOR A 3-D WORLD, with never-seen art and artifacts, courtesy of RAY ZONE and DAVID FOLKMAN! Plus there’s the 2016 Kirby Tribute Panel from Comic-Con International, MARK EVANIER and other regular columnists, and galleries of unseen Kirby pencil art! All behind a Kirby illo of Fighting American & Speedboy inked by JOE SINNOTT! Edited by John Morrow.

Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: JUL162005

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