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Comic Book Creator 37 -


Winter 2025 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages

Steve Englehart is spotlighted in CBC #37 in a comprehensive, career-spanning interview, with emphasis on his glorious ’70s work as top comics writer. Plus, with the help of former DC Comics' romance editor Barbara Friedlander, we redeem the once sullied name of her mentor, the late, great DC editor Jack Miller, whose career was bought to an ignominious end by company management while he suffered a fatal malady. Also, Dan Didio shares about his entry as DC exec to become the company’s co-publisher in the second portion of Greg Biga's interview with the writer extraordinaire. We also conclude our 100th birthday celebration for Arnold Drake with the final portion of an amazing conversation with the brilliant late scribe, examining his creation of The Doom Patrol and work on The X-Men! We also finally present our long-promised look at the 1970s underground comix oddity, The Funny Pages, with help from the comic tabloid's editor, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs creator Ron Barrett! Also included, natch, are our regular departments such as Hembeck's latest Dateline strip. Edited by Jon B. Cooke.

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