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Jack Kirby Collector 95 -


Fall 2025 - 84-page FULL-COLOR magazine

MADNESS! There's a fine line between genius and insanity, so we'll examine some of Kirby's more deranged series and characters, from the Dingbats, Goody Rickels, and Destroyer Duck, to the Goozlebobber, Not Brand Echh, and a mountain of animation concepts too crazy to hit the airwaves! Also included is a 1980s interview with Kirby by James Van Hise, an examination of Jack's psychedelic coloring, Kirby's few (but vital) depictions of Dr. Strange, a far-out Forever People art gallery, Mark Evanier and our other regular columnists, a maniacal 1950s Simon & Kirby story, and more! This off-the-wall issue features an unused Machine Man cover inked by Steve Leialoha. Edited by John Morrow.

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