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Alter Ego 57 -



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March 2006 - 100 pages

Alter Ego #57 spotlights THE GOLDEN AGE OF MARVEL! ’Nuff Said? There’s a full-color painted Captain America cover by JACK KIRBY & PETE VON SHOLLY! A complete issue-by-issue index of Timely/Atlas/Marvel super-hero stories—from Marvel Comics #1 (1939) to The Yellow Claw #4 (1957)—compiled by MICHELLE NOLAN—lavishly illustrated with scarce art by Golden Age masters SIMON & KIRBY, EVERETT, BURGOS, ROMITA, AYERS, HEATH, SHORES, SEKOWSKY, SCHOMBURG, PFEUFER, GUSTAVSON, POWELL, AVISON, GABRIELE, MANEELY, SEVERIN, plus rare retroactive illos by KANE, The Brothers BUSCEMA, ROBBINS, BUCKER, SEVERIN (the other one), HOOVER, FRENZ, KUPPERBERG, et al.! GENE COLAN & ALLEN BELLMAN on the 1940s Timely super-heroes—& JIM AMASH talks to Atlas artist VIC CARRABOTTA! Plus FCA—MICHAEL T. GILBERT—BILL SCHELLY—& MORE!!

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