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Alter Ego 20 -



The PRINT Edition is SOLD OUT, but a DIGITAL Edition is available!

January 2003 - 108 pages

ALTER EGO #20 resents MORE TITANS OF TIMELY/MARVEL! Behind a color cover by Marvel artist AL MILGROM, and another composite by KUBERT, NODELL, BECK, BORING, & SCHELLY, there's rare Timely/Marvel art by MIKE SEKOWSKY, BILL EVERETT, SYD SHORES, DAVE BERG, VINCE ALACIA, DAVE GANTZ, CARL BURGOS, and more! More secrets behind THE INVADERS, with JACK KIRBY, GIL KANE, FRANK ROBBINS, DAVE HOOVER, PAUL RYAN, and ROY THOMAS! Golden Age Timely artist BOB DESCHAMPS is interviewed! Also, the 1965 NY Comics Convention is covered by BILL SCHELLY, TOM FAGAN, & ROY THOMAS - with a never-before-seen convention panel with Golden Age writers BILL FINGER, OTTO BINDER, & GARDNER FOX, plus Superman editor MORT WEISINGER! A look at MURPHY ANDERSON, GIL KANE, BILL ELDER, JIM WARREN, E. NELSON BRIDWELL, DAVE KALER, and others who were there in 1965! Plus, MICHAEL T. GILBERT talks (and draws) with Flash Gordon artist JIM KEEFE! FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with MARC SWAYZE, C.C. BECK, and Captain Marvel Jr. artists MAC RABOY, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, BUD THOMPSON, & more!

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