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The Thin Black Line: Perspectives on Vince Colletta -



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128 page Trade Paperback - by Robert L. Bryant, Jr.

In the history of comic book art, Vince Colletta is perhaps the most prolific inker ever, and certainly the most controversial. He jumped in at the last minute to rescue hundreds of comic books about to miss their printing deadline, often racing through the work of artists who fans say he should have worshiped. In the 1960s he gave Jack Kirby's "Thor" an atmospheric look many fans love even 40 years later, but got kicked off Kirby's Fourth World comics in the 1970s for omitting details. Whether you loved his work or hated it, this book will enlighten, entertain, and expose a life and career as colorful as the four-color comic books Colletta labored on for decades. Join Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Joe Sinnott, Mike Royer, Carmine Infantino, Mark Evanier, and dozens of other comics pros as they recall the Vince Colletta they knew and worked with, and pull no punches in their praise and criticism of the most notorious inker in the history of the medium—all surrounded by copious examples of Colletta art, including numerous "before and after" pencil to ink comparisons. Did he save the Silver Age of comics—or ruin it? You decide!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-028-1
ISBN-10: 1-60549-028-8
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