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Jack Kirby Collector 90 Jack Kirby Collector 90
Price: $10.95

Summer 2024 - 84-page FULL-COLOR magazine This "What If Kirby...?" issue takes a fanciful trip through alternate timelines to discern what ... more info

Jack Kirby Collector 89 Jack Kirby Collector 89
Price: $10.95

Spring 2024 - 84-page FULL-COLOR magazine Jack's friends will be close, and his enemies closer, in the Kirby Conspiracies issue! We'll skulk ... more info

Comic Book Creator 33 Comic Book Creator 33
Price: $10.95

Winter 2024 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages Get trapped in a world Steve Gerber made, with our comprehensive biographical essay that delves deep into the life ... more info

Comic Book Creator 32 Comic Book Creator 32
Price: $10.95

Fall 2023 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages William Stout discusses his diverse career, including bootleg album art beginnings, underground comix, movie poster ... more info

Back Issue! 150 Back Issue! 150
Price: $12.95

April 2024 - 100 FULL-COLOR pages Back Issue #150 is our oversized 100-Page Super Spectacular sesquicentennial edition, featuring Batmen of the 1970s ... more info

Back Issue! 149 Back Issue! 149
Price: $10.95

February 2024 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages Reexperience ’80s Indie Heroes, starring The American, Aztec Ace, Dynamo Joe, Evangeline, Journey, Megaton ... more info

Back Issue! 148 Back Issue! 148
Price: $10.95

December 2023 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages Blast off with the DC Super-Stars of Space! Adam Strange in the Bronze Age, Richard Bruning and Andy & Adam ... more info

Working With Ditko Working With Ditko
Price: $24.95

128-page FULL-COLOR SOFTCOVER - by Jack C. HARRIS Working With Ditko takes a unique and nostalgic journey through comics’ Bronze Age, as ... more info

The Pacific Comics Companion The Pacific Comics Companion
Price: $29.95

160-page FULL-COLOR Trade Paperback - by Stephan FRIEDT with Jon B. COOKE Author Stephan Friedt shares the story of the meteoric rise of the Schanes ... more info

BrickJournal 82 BrickJournal 82
Price: $10.95

84 Pages - November/December 2023 BrickJournal #82 , the magazine for LEGO® enthusiasts, celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary with Disney ... more info

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