Monthly Archives: March 2007

Wondercon is on!

Our noble production assistant Christopher Irving is currently in lovely San Francisco, CA manning booth #913 at Wondercon, and having a blast! If you’re at the con, be sure to stop by and make sure he’s working hard.

And if you’ve got some Kirby art in your collection, bring it by our booth for Jack Kirby Museum honcho Rand Hoppe to scan. He’s collecting images of originals for the museum’s digital collection, and he’s brought a honkin’ big 11″ x 17″ scanner to our booth, so he can accommodate your original art pages.

We’ve got copies of Modern Masters Volume 11: Charles Vess and Back Issue #21 at the booth, hot off the press. Plus, we’ve got a full preview copy of Comics 101, our Free Comic Book Day offering for this year. So what are you doing reading this?! Get over there now!

Thanks to John and Lin Modica for helping out at the booth, and for feeding Chris a home-cooked meal Thursday night. John used to be a tour guide for the SF area, and took my wife Pam and I on a really fascinating walking tour of the city when we were there for the con several years ago; what a great city!

Pete Von Sholly Cartoon of the Week


If you find Pete’s warped sense of humor as captivating as I do, you can’t go wrong with the Von Sholly Bundle, containing Comic Book Nerd, his parody of the comics fan press (including the TwoMorrows line), plus both  issues of his Crazy Hip Groovy Go-Go Way Out Monsters spoof of old monster mags. Check ’em out!