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Takin’ a break

TwoMorrows will be closed from Dec. 22 (next Monday) through January 4, but will reopen bright and early January 5, 2009! Any orders placed during that time will be processed and shipped when we get back, so if you want something before then, place it before Monday AM, or it’ll sit for a couple of weeks before heading your way. (Any orders placed this weekend will ship Monday.)

And if you still want to order something to arrive for Christmas, place it by Friday morning (Dec. 19, which just happens to be my birthday) to have even a smidgen of a chance of getting it before Dec. 25 (and choose the more expensive Priority Mail shipping option, or there’s no way it’ll make it in time).

Pam and I are taking the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles and cousins, on a whirlwind driving tour. I hope that, wherever your travels take you, that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. So enjoy the next couple of weeks, and let’s all look forward to much better things in 2009!

TwoMorrows Tune-In #15: George Khoury – Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore

TwoMorrows Tune-In #15: George Khoury – Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore

On the show this month, host Chris Marshall talks with George Khoury. This December George presents us with a revised edition of The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore – Indispensable Edition. George also talks about other hot Alan Moore related topics such as Miracleman and The Watchmen!

Chris also goes over all of the December releases.

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He may even read it on the next Tune-In!

“The End” for Write Now!

Big announcement: After six years and soon-to-be 20 issues, we’ve decided to end Write Now! magazine. I’ve got to say, I’m really sorry to see it go; Danny Fingeroth has been absolutely professional and delightful to work with on it, and always managed to teach me (and his readers, based on the mail we get) something new about the intricacies of writing for comic books and related fields.

The official P.R. about it is below, but let me just say here to all of Write Now’s readers, and the many pros who’ve contributed to the mag: Danny and I greatly appreciate all your support, and we hope you found the mag as rewarding an experience as we both did.

John Morrow, publisher

Write Now!, the professional “how-to” magazine on writing for comics, animation, and sci-fi, concludes its six-year run with TwoMorrows Publishing this February. The final issue, #20, is solicited in the December issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’ PREVIEWS catalog, and is available for ordering now.

“Write Now! has had an amazing run, and I’m incredibly proud of what editor Danny Fingeroth has accomplished with it,” offered TwoMorrows’ publisher John Morrow. “Danny has shaped it into the preeminent publication catering to anyone with an interest in the nuts and bolts of writing for the comics medium. If you’ve read every issue, you’ve likely acquired the equivalent of a higher education degree in the intricacies of scripting. But while our readership has been fanatically loyal during its run, both Danny and I feel the magazine has reached a point where the economy is taking a toll on its circulation, and the increasing amount of time involved in its production might be spent more productively elsewhere. So we’ve jointly decided that #20 will be the last issue.”

“Producing Write Now! For TwoMorrows has been one of the highlights of my career,” said editor Danny Fingeroth. “The art and craft of writing comics is something that is often neglected due to the higher visibility of comics art. Write Now gave me the chance to share what I’ve learned about writing over the years with people who are passionate about expanding their writing knowledge and skills. I got to meet and speak with many great creators of all eras during the magazine’s run, getting them to speak about what they do in ways that had seldom been touched on before. And, of course, working with the great John Morrow the rest of the TwoMorrows crew was always a pleasure. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this important publishing entity.”

Write Now! #20, shipping in late February, features a focus on the upcoming Spirit movie, showing how Frank Miller translated Will Eisner’s comics to the big screen, through interviews with key players behind the making of the movie, and a look at what made Eisner’s comics so special from a writing standpoint. There’s also an interview with Colleen Doran, writer Alex Grecian discussing how to get a pitch green-lighted, plus a bevy of script and art examples from a wide range of projects.

Subscribers will be receiving information shortly regarding the resolution of any prepaid issues beyond #20, with the option of receiving either a refund, or applying their balance toward another TwoMorrows book or magazine.

Back issues of Write Now! are still available from TwoMorrows Publishing’s website ( in both print and digital form, and Digital Editions of each issue will be available indefinitely, even after the remaining print copies are sold out. Also available is a Best of Write Now trade paperback collection, and the How To Create Comics, From Script To Print book and DVD combination, co-authored by Write Now! editor Danny Fingeroth and Draw! magazine editor Mike Manley. Fingeroth plans to continue working with TwoMorrows Publishing on several upcoming projects, to be announced in the near future.