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Back Issue #136, RetroFan #21, and BrickJournal #74 are now shipping

Back Issue #136 spotlights Bronze Age Comic Strips! Spider-Man, Friday Foster, DC’s World’s Greatest Superheroes starring Superman, Howard the Duck, Richie Rich, Star Hawks, Star Trek, Mike Grell’s Tarzan, and more! Plus Charlton’s comic strip tie-ins and the Menomonee Falls Gazette. With Colan, Goodwin, Gil Kane, Kremer, Stan Lee, Romita, Thomas, Tuska, and more.Edited by Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

In RetroFan #21, meet Julie Newmar, the purr-fect Catwoman! Plus: Astro Boy, Tarzan Saturday morning cartoons, the true history of Pebbles Cereal, TV’s The Untouchables and Search, the MonkeemobileSoviet Expo ’77, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, Scott Shaw, Mark Voger, and editor Michael EuryPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

BrickJournal #74 features amazing LEGO® Star WarsTM builds, including Lando Calrissian’s Treadable by Jürgen Wittner, Starkiller Base by Jhaelon Edwards, and more from Steven Smyth and Bantha Bricks! Plus: Minifigure Customization by Jared K. Burks, AFOLs by Greg Hyland, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions by Christopher Deck (including a LEGO BB-8), and more! Edited by Joe MenoPreview the issue, and order your copy here!

Back Issue #135 and Jack Kirby Collector #83 are now shipping

Back Issue #135 is the shiny new Silver Issue, starring the Silver Surfer in the Bronze Age! Plus: Jack Kirby’s Silver Star, Scott Hampton’s Silverheels, Silver Sable, Silver Banshee, and more! Featuring Busiek, Butler, Defalco, Englehart, Frenz, Marz, Nicieza, Purchell, Ross, Rogers, Rubinstein, Stern, more. Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott. Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Jack Kirby Collector #83 focuses on Famous Firsts! How Jack Kirby was a pioneer in all areas of comics: Romance Comics genre, Kid Gangs, double-page spreads, Black heroes, new formats, super-hero satire, and others! With Mark Evanier and our regular columnists, plus a gallery of Jack’s pencil art from Captain America, Jimmy Olsen, Captain Victory, Destroyer Duck, Black Panther, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Comic Book Creator #28 and Alter Ego #176 are now shipping!

Comic Book Creator #28 presents a Steve Bissette career-spanning interview, from his Joe Kubert School days, Swamp Thing stint, publisher of Taboo and Tyrant, creator rights crusader, and more. Also, Part One of our Mike Gold interview on his Chicago youth, start in underground comix, and arrival at DC Comics, right in time for the implosion! Plus Bud Plant on his publishing days, comic shop owner, and start in mail order—and all the usual fun stuff! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

Alter Ego #176 spotlights the Golden Age comics of major pulp magazine publisher Street & Smith (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Red Dragon, Supersnipe) examined in loving detail by Mark Carlson-Ghost! Art by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, and others, Anthony Tollin on “The Shadow/Batman Connection”, FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, John Broome, Peter Normanton, and more! Preview the issue, and order your copy here!

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Alter Ego #178, BrickJournal #76, RetroFan #23, Britmania, and more!

Here’s what TwoMorrows Publishing has listed in Diamond’s latest Previews catalog!
All our publications are in the front “Comics & Graphic Novels” section, alphabetically under “TwoMorrows”.

Use the Diamond Order Codes to order at your local comic book shop, or click the covers below to order directly from TwoMorrows! To see FULL listings of all items, CLICK HERE!

PREVIEWS Pages 395-396:
JUN222000 ALTER EGO #178 – NEW!
JUN222002 RETROFAN #23 – NEW!
JUN222003 BACK ISSUE #133
JUN222005 BRITMANIA: The British Invasion of the Sixties in Pop Culture (Hardcover) – NEW!
JUN222008 OLD GODS & NEW: A Companion To Jack Kirby’s Fourth World (Softcover)

See you next month!

Two 2022 TwoMorrows Eisner Award nominations!

My mind was blown, and I was genuinely overwhelmed to learn my pride and joy OLD GODS & NEW was nominated for this year’s Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Book! In many ways, it’s the book I was born to write, but without all the efforts and content from Mark Evanier, Steve Sherman, Richard Kolkman, and Jon B. Cooke—both directly and indirectly—it would’ve been a pale imitation of what it is

And hat’s off to Roy Thomas for garnering TwoMorrows Publishing a second Eisner Award nomination this year, for Alter Ego in the category of Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism. After over 20 years doing AE at TwoMorrows (and winning the Eisner Award previously), he’s going stronger than ever—as anyone who’s checked out issue #175 can see. The interior’s even more impressive than this wraparound cover

Most of all, thanks to all our readers for keeping us in the game for 28 years and counting!

One of a kind items for sale at TwoMorrows!

We’re cleaning out some space at TwoMorrows HQ, and have the following items up for sale. Unless noted, there’s only one copy of each, so don’t delay! Email to reserve your copy, or call 919-449-0344 to order by phone. Shipping costs will be added to all orders.

The original massive-size first edition, still in its shipping box and unopened. Weighs 20 pounds!

75 Years of Marvel
unopened, still in shipping box

Complete your Archives set!

DC Archives Hardcovers:
Atom 2
Batman 1
Batman: The World’s Finest Comics 1, 2
Batman: The Dark Knight 3
Flash 2, 3
Justice League of America 8, 9
Plastic Man 3
Supergirl 1
Superman 6 (slight tear in the dust jacket’s spine)
Wonder Woman 3
All great condition
$30 each

PS Artbooks Hardcover volumes:
Adventures into the Unknown 1-5 set
Adventures into the Unknown 6-10 set
Captain Flash
Chamber of Chills
1 (softcover), 2-4 (hardcover) set
Forbidden Worlds
1-9 set
Out of the Night 1-3 set
Rulah 1-3 set
Skeleton Hand
Strange Fantasy
1-2 set
Tomb of Terror 1-3 set
Web of Evil 1-2 set
Witches Tales
1-4 set
All great condition
$30 single books or $20 each in sets

COMPLETE PEANUTS (published by Fantagraphics):
1950-1952, 1953-1954 (2 volume hardcover set in slipcase) slipcase has dent on the back edge that doesn’t affect the books, which are in excellent condition
$35 for the set

Hardcover in excellent condition

Archie Marries…
First Edition, First Printing, 2010, published by Abrams. Includes tucked-in comic “Archie: The Mirth of a Nation.” Hardcover in slipcase, in excellent condition.

Archie: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics, 1946-1948
Published by IDW. Hardcover in excellent condition.

• Mestres Modernos: George Pérez – Volume 1
• Mestres Modernos: John Byrne – Volume 2 (still in shrinkwrap)
• Mestres Modernos: José Luis García-López – Volume 3 (still in shrinkwrap)
2013-2014 Spanish Softcover editions of TwoMorrows’ Modern Masters books, all in excellent condition
Perez: $40
Byrne: $100
Garcia-Lopez: $100

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guides
All in good condition
#23: $20
#27: $20
#28: $20
#40: $20

Mighty Samson Archives 1
Dark Horse hardcover in good condition (small tear on dust jacket edge)

Invincible Vol. 5: The Facts of Life
Dark Horse softcover in great condition

6 new magazines now shipping from TwoMorrows!

When it rains, it pours great new magazines from TwoMorrows! Here’s what’s NOW SHIPPING:

Back Issue #133 is the Starmen issue, headlined by James Robinson and Tony Harris’s Jack Knight Starman! Plus: The Star-Spangled Kid, Starjammers, the 1980s Starman, and Starstruck! Featuring Dave Cockrum, Gerry Conway, Robert Greenberger, Elaine Lee, Tom Lyle, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Roger Stern, Roy Thomas, and more. Jack Knight Starman cover by Tony Harris. Edited by Michael Eury. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

Jack Kirby Collector #82 takes you through “The Many Worlds Of Jack Kirby!” From Sub-Atomica to outer space, visit Kirby’s work from World War II, the Fourth World, and hidden worlds of Subterranea, Wakanda, Olympia, Lemuria, Atlantis, the Microverse, and others! Plus, a 2021 Kirby panel, featuring Jonathan Ross, Neil Gaiman, & Mark Evanier, a Kirby pencil art gallery, & more! Edited by John Morrow. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

Paul Gulacy is celebrated in Comic Book Creator #27 with an extensive retrospective by Greg Biga that includes Paul himself, Val Mayerik, P. Craig Russell, Tim Truman, Roy Thomas, and others. Plus aJoe Sinnott Memorial; Bud Plant interview Part One, as the retail and mail-order pioneer discusses his early years and first forays as San Jose comic shop proprietor—at 16!; our regular columnists, and the latest from Hembeck! Edited by Jon B. Cooke. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

Alter Ego #174 is a fabulous FCA [Fawcett Collectors of America] issue—spearheaded by a feisty and informative article or two by Captain Marvel co-creator C.C. Beck himself—plus a fabulous feature on vintage cards created in Spain and starring The Marvel Family! In addition: Dr. William Foster III interview (conclusion)—Michael T. Gilbert showcases the early rivals of MAD magazine—the haunting of John Broome—and more! Cover by C.C. Beck! Edited by Roy Thomas. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

RetroFan #19 features an interview with actress Caroline Munro, of Bond Girl and Hammer Film fame. Plus: Wacky Packages, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, Filmation’s Ghostbusters vs. the Real Ghostbusters, Bandai’s rare Pro Wrestler Erasers, more behind the scenes of Sixties movies, Watergate at Fifty, Go-Go Dancing, a visit to the Red Skelton Museum, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Ernest Farino, Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, and Scott Shaw! Edited by Michael Eury. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

BrickJournal #72, the magazine for LEGO® enthusiasts, jumps into LEGO® COLOR! A mosaic by Bricknerd’s Dave Schefcik, Kelly Bartlett’s amazing mosaic at LEGO Headquarters, acclaimed LEGO designer Chris Perron, Steven Smyth’s intricate Star Wars builds, “AFOLs” by Greg Hyland, step-by-step “You Can Build It” instructions by Christopher Deck, Minifigure Customization with Jared K. Burks, and more! Edited by Joe Meno. Preview the issue, and pre-order your copy here!

All this, plus our new JOHN SEVERIN biography! It’s a great day at TwoMorrows Publishing!

TwoMorrows Publishing’s groundbreaking biography of John Severin is now shipping!

It’s the (can you believe it?) first-ever biography of the EC Comics mainstay (with Harvey Kurtzman on Mad and Two-Fisted Tales) and co-creator of Western strip American Eagle. Covers his 40+ year association with Cracked magazine, his pivotal Marvel Comics work inking Herb Trimpe on The Hulk and teaming with sister Marie Severin on King Kull, and more! With commentary by Neal Adams, Richard Corben, John Byrne, Russ Heath, Walter Simonson, and many others. Written by Greg Biga and multiple Eisner Award-winner Jon B. Cooke, with an introduction by Howard Chaykin, foreword by Mort Todd, and afterword by Chuck Dixon, this profusely illustrated book celebrates the centennial of the two-fisted artist’s birth!

See a preview, and order it HERE!

John Severin: Two-Fisted Comic Book Artist
by Greg Biga and Jon B. Cooke
160-page full-color Hardcover
$39.95 cover price
Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: SEP211853
ISBN13: 978-1-60549-106-6

Now shipping directly from TwoMorrows, and in stores March 16

IN PREVIEWS NOW: Alter Ego #176, Back Issue #136, RetroFan #21, Dave Cockrum bio, and more!

PREVIEWS Pages 361-362:
FEB221744 ALTER EGO #176 – NEW!
FEB221745 BACK ISSUE #136 – NEW!
FEB221747 RETROFAN #21 – NEW!
FEB221749 LIFE & ART OF DAVE COCKRUM (Softcover) – NEW!
FEB221750 LIFE & ART OF DAVE COCKRUM (Limited Hardcover Edition) – NEW!
FEB221751 AMERICAN COMIC BOOK CHRONICLES: 1960-1964 (Hardcover)

To see FULL listings of all items, go here!

Download TwoMorrows Publishing’s updated 2022 digital catalog!

JUST CLICK HERE! It’s got complete listings of every available current, upcoming, and back issue and book, in a fully interactive format. Just click on any item, and you’ll be automatically taken to its ordering page at our webstore!

It features all our upcoming 2022 items, including:

The Charlton Companion (by Jon B. Cooke)
The Team-Up Companion (by Michael Eury)
The Life & Art of Dave Cockrum (by Glen Cadigan)
Britmania (by Mark Voger)

Plus all the 2022 issues of:

Alter Ego
Back Issue
Comic Book Creator
Jack Kirby Collector

Best of all—it’s FREE!