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A personal request for you to sign a petition

I usually try to keep this focused on comics, but this one hits close to home.

In 2012, my good friend’s brother was murdered senselessly on the streets of New York. You probably saw it on the national news, so I won’t go into all the details out of respect for their privacy. But I did see firsthand some of what he and his family had to go through, seeing horrific images of their loved one on the news, and all over the Internet.

His brother has started a petition on, in hopes of getting those violent images of his murdered brother removed from the web, so he and his children (and others in the same situation) don’t have that constant reminder of this horrible event.

I hope you’ll consider going to THIS LINK, and signing the petition.

JAN. 30 UPDATE: While I still think this is a very worthwhile petition, shortly after I signed it myself, I started getting emails from asking me to sign other petitions and to support other causes. While I may support some of those, I unsubscribed so I wouldn’t be getting my email box filled with unsolicited mail. Just wanted readers to know about this, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to sign this.

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Happy reading and research from TwoMorrows!

Things get weird in Back Issue #78

Shipping today from TwoMorrows (did you catch that?), is Back Issue #78, which editor Michael Eury has dubbed the “WEIRD” issue. It features Batman’s weirdest team-ups, House of Mystery, Weird War, Steve Ditko’s SHADE and STALKER, and more odd, strange, and mysterious comics history fun! You can see a free preview and order it HERE.