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Back Ego and Alter Issue

Just seeing if you’re paying attention! The actual titles are, of course, Back Issue and Alter Ego (issues #57 and #110, respectively), and both will be shipping early next week.

Ever hear of the 1940s Captain Marvel radio show? Didn’t think so. Roy Thomas presents a feature on it (and an interview with the fella who voiced Billy Batson 70 years ago) in AE #110, along with lots of other Fawcett-Focused Features. (Try saying that three times fast!)

And Michael Eury presents a tell-all interview with former DC Comics publisher Jenette Kahn in Back Issue #57.

Both mags are now completely full-color, for $8.95 cover price.

Click these links to see PDF previews of Alter Ego #110 and Back Issue #57.

Hot on the heels of #108, it’s Alter Ego #109!

After a customs inspection caused a 3-week delay releasing issue #108, ALTER EGO #109 will be in comic shops next Wednesday, May 16! And in this issue, Roy Thomas does what Roy does best: he offers stellar coverage of the Golden Age Justice Society of America.

So you think, after four All-Star Companion volumes and countless issues of Alter Ego on the topic, that Roy doesn’t still have more to say, and artifacts to uncover, about the JSA? C’mon, this is ROY THOMAS we’re talking about!

Check out a PDF preview of the issue HERE.

Get your LEGO on, May 19-20

The above graphic should give you an idea what’s been keeping me busy the last few months. Our third annual BrickMagic LEGO Festival is coming up in two weeks, and we’re up to our eyeballs in final preparations. If you want to know more about it, go to

Make every day FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at TwoMorrows

While you’re hitting your local comic book store this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, don’t forget: you can download a FREE DIGITAL EDITION of each of our magazines, any day, at

Just go to the “Free Stuff” Category in the top left corner of our home page, or click this link to find all the goodies that await you every day, including our full catalog, absolutely FREE:

Then, head to your local comics shop, and pester them to carry all your favorite TwoMorrows mags on a regular basis if they don’t already.

And don’t forget; when you order the print edition from TwoMorrows (at 15% off or greater), you ALWAYS get the Digital Edition FREE!

Back Issue #56 and Alter Ego #108 FINALLY here!

For all you who’ve been patiently waiting for your April issue of Back Issue and Alter Ego, copies FINALLY arrived here at TwoMorrows HQ today, and will go in the mail tomorrow.

The hold-up was caused by US Customs. Now that both mags are full-color, we have to print them overseas to keep the cover price from skyrocketing, and all the copies got held up at the US port, waiting for, I guess, some SHIELD agents to inspect them. After weeks of sitting in a warehouse, they were finally released and delivered, and subscribers’ links to the digital edition were emailed today.

Back Issue #56 spotlights the history of the Avengers, just in time for this weekend’s movie debut, so check it out before you head to the cineplex.