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New PREVIEWS is out!

The new issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS comic shop catalog is out, listing our June releases, including our new Modern Masters book on ERIC POWELL. You can check all our June listings out HERE.

Burgos, Everett! Everett, Burgos!

You’ve gotta love ALTER EGO #108’s Sub-Mariner vs. Human Torch cover by BILL EVERETT & CARL BURGOS. The issue features 1970s Bullpenner WARREN REECE talking about Marvel Comics and his encounters with those two legends, plus JOHN ROMITA, STAN LEE, MARIE SEVERIN, NEAL ADAMS, GARY FRIEDRICH, ROY THOMAS, and other, plus the usual great features like Mr. Monster and FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America). And now AE’s in FULL COLOR! Still edited by ROY THOMAS.

Check out the free preview HERE.

And you can order it HERE.

March MODERN MASTERS Madness sale: $10 per book or DVD

This is for TWO WEEKS ONLY! All of our MODERN MASTERS books and DVDs are on sale for only $10 each when you order at, now through MARCH 14.

Here’s a list of the artists featured in the books that are on sale:

Alan Davis
George Perez
Bruce Timm
Kevin Nowlan
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
John Byrne
Mike Wieringo
Kevin Maguire
Charles Vess
Michael Golden
Jerry Ordway
Frank Cho
Mark Schultz
Mike Allred
Lee Weeks
John Romita Jr.
Mike Ploog
Kyle Baker
Chris Sprouse
Mark Buckingham
Guy Davis
Jeff Smith
Frazer Irving
Ron Garney

and our two “Modern Masters: In The Studio” DVDs:
George Perez DVD
Michael Golden DVD

We’ll be heading off for WONDERCON in Anaheim, CA (booth 721) on the 15th, so don’t delay placing your order till the 14th, or we might not get it shipped until after WonderCon…

BACK ISSUE #55 and DRAW! #22 are on press now

BACK ISSUE #55 and DRAW! #22 are on press now, so if you haven’t pre-ordered at your local comics shop, here’s the scoop:

BACK ISSUE #55 (84 pages, FULL-COLOR, $8.95) checks in on “Licensed Comics”! Spotlighting: Twenty years of Star Wars at Dark Horse Comics, Indiana Jones in comics, the adaptation of TV’s Man from Atlantis, DC Comics’ 1970s Edgar Rice Burroughs backups (John Carter, Pellucidar, Carson of Venus), Marvel’s Warlord of Mars, and an interview with CAROL SERLING, wife of Twilight Zone creator ROD SERLING. Featuring art by and/or commentary from MURPHY ANDERSON, JOHN BYRNE, CHRIS CLAREMONT, DAVE DORMAN, JAN DUURSEMA, MICHAEL KALUTA, CAM KENNEDY, JOHN JACKSON MILLER, FRANK MILLER, JOHN OSTRANDER, MIKE RICHARDSON, RANDY STRADLEY, TIM TRUMAN, TOM VEITCH, MARV WOLFMAN, and more. With a never-before-seen Clone Wars cover by BRIAN KOSCHACK. Now in FULL COLOR! Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

Diamond Order Code: JAN121362

Download a FREE PDF preview at this link:

Ordering link:

BACK ISSUE #55 will be on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 21.


DRAW! #22 (84 pages with COLOR, $7.95) presents an in-depth interview with one of the top inkers of the modern age, SCOTT WILLIAMS! From his days at Marvel and Image, to his work with JIM LEE on such pivotal series as “Batman: Hush”, Scott discusses his working process with editor Mike Manley, and shows he’s an accomplished solo artist in his own right (as evidenced by this issue’s striking cover). Then, DANNY FINGEROTH interviews superstar writer/artist FRANK MILLER about his career and working methods, including samples of Miller and KLAUS JANSON’s working process, showing examples of their work from thumbnails and pencils to finished inks. Plus, there’s another installment of MIKE MANLEY and BRET BLEVINS’ “Comic Art Bootcamp”, a “Rough Critique” of a newcomer’s work by BOB McLEOD, product and art supply reviews by “Crusty Critic” JAMAR NICHOLAS, and more!

Diamond Order Code: JAN121376

Download a FREE PDF preview at this link:

Ordering link:

DRAW #22 will be on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 14.