Monthly Archives: June 2013

Where you been?

The long silence here is due to our family vacation to Europe the last two weeks, and all the deadlines that had to be met before we could leave. Maybe planning a trip overseas right before the busy convention season starts wasn’t my brightest idea, but man-o-man, did we have an amazing time! I’ll elaborate more soon, but here’s an update on our latest releases:

Alter Ego #118 and Back Issue #65 were both printed overseas, and got held up in a random customs inspection, so are finally due to arrive here this week (nearly 3 weeks late).  Subscribers should look for their copies to hit the mail in a few more days. Thanks to everyone for their patience during this unavoidable delay.

Our new book on DAN SPIEGLE is out, and getting rave reviews!

As is BEST OF ALTER EGO, VOLUME 2, also out now.

The STAR REACH COMPANION will actually be in stores EARLY (it was due July 10, but we’re expecting to start shipping copies any day); sort of a cosmic payback for the above customs snag, I guess!

BRICKJOURNAL #24 is shipping now as well.

Other titles that are now printed and on their way home to us (and a debut at Comic-Con next month):

Alter Ego #119 and #120

Back Issue #66 and #67

Comic Book Creator #2 (the JOE KUBERT summer annual)

DRAW! #25

American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1950s

BrickJournal #25 should debut in San Diego as well, followed by BrickFair the following week.

and my personal baby, JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #61 is done and heading for July release (with a BIG surprise for readers!)

So though it’s been quiet on the blog, as you can see, we’ve been working non-stop behind the scenes to bring you some amazing publications, and making plans for our year-long “TwoMorrows Turns Twenty” anniversary celebration, which starts at Comic-Con (and continues through all our convention appearances for the next 12 months, culminating at Heroes Con 2014) with GIVEAWAYS for anyone who comes by our booth, or attends our 20th Anniversary Panels. Stay tuned for more details!